HUNGRY BEAT – CCA 4th Feb set lists.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the FRETS presents HUNGRY BEAT at the CCA. The event was rammed, it was a very special night. Lots of people are requesting information about the The Hungry Beat Group setlists and performers, so here goes.

SET 1: The Hungry Beat Group (Douglas MacIntyre – rhythm guitar; Campbell Owens – bass; Stuart Kidd – drums; Mick Slaven – lead guitar). Guest vocalists and songs below.

Tam Dean Burn – Horrorshow & Adult/ery (both songs by Scars). Tam was vocalist in The Dirty Reds.

James King – Back From The Dead & Flyaway (both songs by James King). James is vocalist with The Lone Wolves.

Alison Gourlay – Don’t Worry About A Thing & Natural Progression (both songs by Jazzateers). Alison was vocalist with Jazzateers v1.

Grahame Skinner – Sixteen Reasons & Show Me The Door (both songs by Jazzateers). Grahame was vocalist with Jazzateers v2.

Monica Queen – Dead Pop Stars (by Altered Images) & Trees and Flowers/Sunday Morning (by Strawberry Switchblade/The Velvet Underground)

Stephen Pastel – Million Years & Baby Honey (both songs by The Pastels, with Norman Blake replacing Mick Slaven on guitar).

SET 2: The Hungry Beat Group (Douglas MacIntyre – rhythm guitar; Campbell Owens – bass; Stuart Kidd – drums; Malcolm Ross – lead guitar). Guest vocalists and songs below.

Dave Carson – Where Were You (by The Mekons) & Damaged Goods (by Gang Of Four). Dave’s fellow Boots For Dancing member Michael Barclay guested on guitar.

Ken McCluskey – Oblivious (by Aztec Camera) & Candyskin (by Fire Engines). Ken is vocalist with The Bluebells.

Robert Hodgens aka Bobby Bluebell – Rip It Up (by Orange Juice) & Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool (by The Bluebells), with original Bluebell Russell Irvine guesting on guitar.

Russell Irvine – Red Guitars (by The Bluebells).

Katy Lironi and James Kirk – Holiday Hymn (by Vic Godard) & Felicity (by James Kirk). Katy is vocalist with The Secret Goldfish, James was guitarist with Orange Juice.

Norman Blake – Chance Meeting & It’s Kinda Funny (both by Josef K). Norman is vocalist/guitarist with Teenage Fanclub.

Davy Henderson – You’ve Got The Power (by Win) & Success (by Iggy Pop). Davy is vocalist guitarist with Fire Engines, Win, The Nectarine No9, Sexual Objects.

Fay Fife – I Can’t Stand My Baby & Top Of The Pops (by The Rezillos). Fay is vocalist with The Rezillos.


Tam Dean Burn – Never Been In A Riot (by The Mekons)

Ken McCluskey & Robert Hodgens (with James Kirk on lead guitar) – Blue Boy (by Orange Juice).

There are lots of photos on Twitter and Facebook of the event.

2 thoughts on “HUNGRY BEAT – CCA 4th Feb set lists.

  1. Thanks so much for the set list – a great reminder of the most amazing night . Thanks to everyone for bringing us so much pleasure at CCA.


  2. Totally epic – what a set list. I really need to ask myself why I wasn’t there.

    Why wasn’t I there? I’m not getting a plausible answer back!……


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