The Hungry Beat Group / Restricted Code – FRETS at the CCA.

FRETS presents Hungry Beat in the CCA, Glasgow on Sat 4th Feb. This event is part of the Celtic Connections festival and ties in with the Hungry Beat book about Scottish independent labels Fast Product and Postcard Records. Live music will start with Restricted Code performing songs from their period on the pop:aural label when they were managed and produced by Fast Product’s Bob Last. The Hungry Beat Group will perform two sets featuring guest vocalists singing two songs each.

The sets will feature songs by groups associated with the Fast Product and Postcard Records period including the following: Orange Juice, Josef K, Scars, The Mekons, Gang of Four, Altered Images, Aztec Camera, The Bluebells, Jazzateers, Fire Engines, The Pastels, Strawberry Switchblade, James King, Rezillos etc.


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