Happy 2nd birthday to FRETS!!

It was 2 years ago on 4th October 2019 that FRETS entered this world as a live entity, with our first FRETS concert at the Strathaven Hotel featuring Lloyd Cole. It was a great night, it tickled us that Lloyd was starting his world tour in Strathaven, and he was in great form (accompanied by Commotions’ guitarist Neil Clark).

Thanks to everyone who came along to FRETS on Friday 1st Oct to see Robyn Hitchcock and Kevin McDermott in concert, another groovy night of live performance. There are photos of Kevin McDermott from the concert, as well as footage of a song (both captured by Les Hoggan), though unfortunately nothing of Robyn Hitchcock as we were asked not to by his manager.

We will be announcing information soon about James Grant tickets for his concert at FRETS next year on Friday 25th Feb, subscribers to this Blog will find out details first.

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