Frets Concerts on Avondale Radio

At the Frets Concerts gig on April 21st, featuring The Kingfishers, John Douglas and James Yorkston, Vic Galloway interviewed Douglas MacIntyre about the ‘Hungry Beat’ book and Craig MacAllister, Stephanie Gibson and John Douglas about the book ‘The Perfect Reminder’, all about the recording of the Trash Can Sinatras album ‘I’ve Seen Everything’.

Les Hoggan videoed the interviews and is using the audio for a series of shows on Avondale Radio.

The edition of Avon Valley Discs on May 7th on Avondale Radio featured extracts from the interviews and also tracks by the Kingfishers and from the Trash Can Sinatras album ‘I’ve Seen Everything’. Click below to listen to the show.

The full video is below

3 thoughts on “Frets Concerts on Avondale Radio

  1. Would that be the concert where you changed the lineup with a week’s notice?

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