THE SCARS / PORT SULPHUR at Mono on Sat 6th May.

FRETS is beyond excited to announce The Scars featuring Tam Dean Burn and Port Sulphur will both be in concert at Mono, Glasgow, on Saturday 6th May – tickets are only available from this WeGotTickets link:

The concert was originally scheduled to take place in the CCA but will now take place in Mono, doors open at 8.30pm. Tickets already purchased from the CCA for the concert are valid for Mono.

The date is apt in a multitude of ways as it ties in with the White Riot tour hitting Edinburgh on 7th May 1977, when the Subway Sect and the Slits blew open the collective mind of a generation.

The Scars were born in the first wave of Scotland’s punk explosion and made their mark with the cult classic debut single ‘Adult/ery’ & ‘Horrorshow’on the legendary Fast Product label. Over hundreds of live shows they developed their sound and vision, becoming a favourite of the rock press with the album ‘Author! Author!’ which is still highly regarded.

Today’s lineup features three founding members, now fronted by the spectacular Tam Dean Burn, and together they accelerate from 70s glam pop to dystopian cyberfunk storytelling without a single glance in the rear view mirror.

The Scars’ live show has always been a volatile, theatrical affair, and the audience at 2022’s ‘Hungry Beat’ book launch will testify that the band’s fire is undiminished!


Port Sulphur performed a sold-out concert at the CCA at the end of last year in celebration of the release of their number 1 album ‘Speed Of Life’, which was released on Creeping Bent via Last Night From Glasgow. The group performed live to a screening of Grant McPhee’s ‘Beyond The Speed Of Life’ film as part of the maxi-media event.

Port Sulphur collaborated on their first album (‘Paranoic Critical’) with post-punk heroes Alan Vega (Suicide), Vic Godard (Subway Sect), Gareth Sager (The Pop Group), Davy Henderson (Fire Engines), James Kirk (Orange Juice), however the modus operandi changed with ‘Speed Of Life’, which was an instrumental album that owed more to German experimental rock music of the 1970s.

The Scars featuring Tam Dean Burn / Port Sulphur
Mono, Glasgow, on Saturday 6th May 2023.

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