THE NECTARINE No.9 – 9.9.99

Not strictly FRETS, but related. Those of you who are interested in The Creeping Bent Organisation / Fire Engines / Win / Sexual Objects / Davy Henderson, might be interested in the following.

9.9.99 is a live concert recording of The Nectarine No.9 from A Creeping Bent Exhibition at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh on Sept 9th 1999. It is released today/2.2.22 via our Patreon site. The Nectarine No.9 were formed by Fire Engines and Win frontman, Davy Henderson, and released 5 albums on Postcard / Creeping Bent / Beggars. For this 9.9.99 performance/recording they were joined by guitarist Malcolm Ross (guitarist with Josef K / Orange Juice / Aztec Camera).

The Creeping Bent Organisation subscription site on Patreon costs £5 monthly (you can leave anytime), 9.9.99 is available on the site from today for download. Here’s the link.

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